age 55

Barbee is friendly and energetic. She spends time taking care of her personal wellness and physical fitness, working to keep her body in great shape. Recently she had started feeling that signs of aging in her face didn’t fit with her attitude or her look. Barbee wanted to try a hyaluronic acid filler, since it’s made from ingredients that are naturally found in the body.

Before her Revanesse® VersaTM treatment, Barbee had deep creases appearing from her nose to the corners of her mouth. Her skin in this area showed signs of sagging. 

2 hours after her treatment, the deep creases were softened and the added volume gave the skin a smoother appearance.


Number of Syringes: 3
Total Volume Injected: 2.6 mL

Rollover the image to see the amount of product applied to each treatment location.

After her treatment Barbee said

"I would definitely do this again!"